Since 2005, Vamp Viola has followed a path to reduce environmental impact by adopting concrete actions that involve the entire production cycle.

The company has shifted its strategic vision towards new horizons in the field of eco-sustainability, promoting responsible management of the environment and of industrial processes.

The company adopts a constant monitoring approach with the aim of reducing waste from production processes.

In the management of water and energy resources, it has adopted a sustainable behavior that involves the exploitation of renewable energy using a photovoltaic system and a dry tumbling process since 2007 with a significant reduction in water consumption.

Vamp Viola uses, in the tumbling systems, plastic and ceramic stones free from inhalable powders that do not contain crystalline silica and formaldehyde; furthermore, the chemical release agents have been replaced by ecological powders.

Another important aspect concerns the total exclusion of chemical agents in the entire production chain.

Also on the raw materials front, significant changes have been made from a green perspective. The Zamak used is of Belgian and Italian origin and it is a regenerated raw material from highly controlled supply chains, which can be further recycled at the end of its life.

The company also adopts a sustainability approach through the use of maps drawn from correct forest management and the implementation of the use of digital systems.